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We offer first-quality Phillips 66 100LL and Jet A premixed with Prist.  Every load of fuel is delivered by a certified and trained driver using dedicated trailers that haul that product and nothing else.  Our fuel is tested at each point of transfer along the way and again when it arrives at our facility to ensure quality and conformance with industry and FAA standards.

We follow strict quality control standards for dispensing, handling and storing fuels, and our quality control program is audited by Phillips on a routine basis.

100LL is available 24/7 via a self-serve automated terminal.  Most major credit cards are accepted. 

There are discounts for purchases made with Phillips credit cards.  Click HERE to get yours.

SS Jet A is available 24/7 to based aircraft and others with a house account.  Truck serve Jet A is available on call.

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About Fuel & Prices In General...

Aviation fuels sold at airports are supplied in two different ways.  Branded dealers (of which we are one) buy their fuel only from the respective oil company (Phillips, etc).    Both the trucking companies and dealers generally are required to comply with specified handling, quality control, documentation and training standards.  In return, the dealer and customer are assured that they are receiving exactly what they want - clean, contaniment-free, quality-controlled fuel that meets FAA and industry specifications.  And, in the unlikely case that something should go really wrong, the oil companies and distributors provide very high-limit umbrella liability insurance for fuel-related mishaps - typically between $50 million and $75 million per occurance.  That amount of coverage is well above what an independent dealer can buy at any price.

The other method is to buy it on the spot market.  That means just what it says; when the dealer needs fuel he looks around and buys it from whatever source is cheapest or most convenient for him at the time.  This can save a substantial amount of money; differences of up to $3 per gallon are not unheard of.  The downside is that most of the quality controls built into the distributor-dealer supply chain are not there, and if a problem comes up the dealer - and you as a customer -  are both on your own.  Any off-spec or mishandled fuel becomes the retailer’s problem, and life gets considerably more difficult for all concerned.

Aviation isn’t like driving your car where if you get a bad batch of gas you can coast to the side of the road and call somebody.  Cutting corners in this business pretty routinely kills people.  We’d just as soon not go there, so we don’t fool with spot-market or “Brand-X” fuel.  It costs a little more but we don’t have to worry about getting that phone call - and neither do you or your next-of-kin.

We think that’s a decent trade-off.

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